Our patented technology brings new interest and value to your original marks on Twitter, as we raise your profile in augmented autographs for causes and capital of a new kind. 

We help you monetize your signature and drawing value over time with official Seals of Authenticity for sponsorships or charitable causes. 

Simply be yourself. Draw, doodle or autograph your tweets as a new class of memorabilia, and let us team with you and your brands of interest.

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How Signrs scales the distribution of signatures is quite simple:


- 1 -

Brands commission an official signature seal.  

We help you design those and the campaign for your clients


- 2 -

Brands issue (unlock) that seal to one or more influencers who will sign for a specified period of the seal campaign.

We do that as part of the service, including reports


- 3 -

Influencers get paid to be themselves, and earn money with digital pen originality and authenticity.  

New original content for them, and better, more authentic advertising for the brand


- 4 -

How people sign and draw becomes of public and media interest, and the seals keep getting views.


We patented this process for social authentication:

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