Twignature Social Autograph Promotion

“Talent Promotional Offering” Program


This Promotional Agreement (“Agreement”) is between lettrs, Inc., a Delaware C-Corporation (together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, including its direct and indirect parent entities and subsidiaries, and future affiliates, successors and assigns, collectively, “lettrs”) and __________________________ (including its permitted successors and assigns) (“Talent”).  This Agreement will be effective as of the later of the two signature dates below (“Effective Date”).



WHEREAS, lettrs is releasing a signed communications app called “Twignature” that enables Talent to sign and authenticate their original, digital signatures and drawings on their personal Twitter handle.  With the Talent hand-held authentication of their signatures, Twignature also enables 3rd-party brand sponsorships associated to the Talent.  These brand partnerships can be sourced by the Talent or lettrs, with the Talent earning 70% of any sponsorship sales associated with their digital signatures.  lettrs collects all revenues of the sponsorship as the network that manages the branded seals and transactions, and distributes the proceeds to the talent based on terms set forth by the Seal of Authenticity sponsorship.


WHEREAS, Talent sets up their Twignature profile on their mobile device and registers with their official Twitter handle.


WHEREAS, Talent then sign and authenticate their digital autograph, which they can either sell via a sponsorship or have their own branded seal, with no fee as part of this agreement.  




Drew Bartkiewicz

Chief Executive Officer



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